Land / Subdivisions

Determining a site’s value is essential to the appraisal process. For a vacant site, or a property encumbered by an obsolete improvement, determining how to proceed can be difficult and confusing. Something needs to be built to stabilize income and create value. We focus on why something should be built and let architects and land planners focus on what should be built.

Most are familiar with the axiom “Knowledge is power.” At Real Property Consultants, we also believe that “Knowledge equals money.” We understand that care must be taken when making any decision involving any site improvements. Property investments should optimize value and generate or increase income. Our “Economic Land Planning” analyses are customized to meet our clients’ needs. We can provide the in-depth information that can save money. We test our clients’ visions against the marketplace and help them fine-tune their goals to better reflect reality.

The data and analysis we provide can be presented to a seller and help during potentially difficult negotiations. Our independent and un-biased analysis can also help simplify and ease your discussions with equity investors and/or lenders.

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