Market Studies

Real Property Consultants can help owners understand the competition and their effect on their pricing and investment returns when developing or renovating a property. This understanding is essential in initial project planning and is crucial to securing construction loan/end loan financing. Our services range from simple studies and counseling to exhaustive, well-documented reports intended for inclusion in bond financing packages.

Cost Comparables

Real Property Consultants assists our clients create profitable developments. We can ensure that development costs are not out-of-line with the marketplace. We investigate our clients’ competitors and help them design a property that matches expenditures with the anticipated revenue stream.

Sale Comparables

We have access to virtually every real estate transfer in northern Illinois. We can also provide data other appraisers may need to complete their reports.

Lease Comparables

The details of lease transactions are often difficult to obtain. We know the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin real estate markets, and we know who to call to acquire intimate details on a transaction. Real Property Consultants has a trusted reputation, and because we are not competing brokers, the facts are freely shared more often with us.

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